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To know more about the POAS volcano

It has been standing at an altitude of over 2700 meters for more than 11 million years, and is home to one of the largest craters in the world and is located only 25km by car from Tacacori Ecolodge. It is THE volcano to visit when you come to the central valley. Believe me, it is really worth a visit! 🌋

View of the POAS from the viewpoint

A natural wonder revealing at the bottom of the crater a lake called "the laguna caliente" which bears its name well in view of its very #acidic (pH < 1), sulphurous and hot waters (which can reach up to 85°C), and regularly give off toxic fumes. These same waters give it its special colours. I use the term "colours" in the plural because even if we can think that the bottom of the crater is blue, it is variable according to the weather or its acid content and can just as well be turquoise, green or even grey.

Amazing, isn't it? On its slopes you can see the release of sulphur fumaroles. Subjugating !


But first, some practical information and recommendations to make the most of your visit without #stress!

*Please note that Tacacori offers an individual and personalised tour where you do not have to worry about booking and transport. You can find it with this form ⬅️

How to get there from Tacacori ? 🚘

How to get to Poas National Park

From Tacacori there are several routes available. The journey time is about 45 minutes for 25 kilometres.

If you choose to drive your own car, please bring some cash to pay for parking:

Cars : ¢2000 (~$3.50) - Minivans and buses :¢4000 ($7.00) - Motorcycles : ¢1000 ($1.75).

My little advices 😉 :

+Set off a little early to take in the breathtaking views of the central valley and stop to take some photos before you climb to the top! 📷

+On the way you will pass many Poas strawberry vendors, feel free to treat yourself to a sweet break or check out the delicious Freddo Fresas restaurant! 🍓

How to book? 👩💻

⚠️ Please note that in order to access the Volcano you must have reserved your ticket in advance ! At the entrance, there is no access to wifi and phone services nor a desk to buy your tickets. Don't worry, we'll give you all the information you need to book your ticket with complete #peaceofmind.

You will first have to go to this link and click on "Book" or "Comprar" in Spanish

Then you will have to create an account in order to buy your tickets online: a detailed article is already available on the site I invite you to consult it you will know more about the procedure to follow as well as the prices: "Volcan POAS, instructions for use" ⬅️

❌ Please note that once you have purchased your ticket you will not be able to change or even cancel it.

✅ During the high season it is recommended to book in advance if you wish to have the slot of your choice available.

🕗 If you miss your visit slot you will have the opportunity to have a new visit time depending on availability.

When to get there 🌤️ ?

It is of course preferable to go during the #dryseason (December to April) if you want to have a better chance of getting a clear view of the crater even though there can be some very nice mornings during the rainy season, one should not make a generalization.

The site is open every day from 7am to 2pm and the last group for the tour leaves at 1.20pm however we recommend that you choose the #earliest possible time to avoid the fog that can prevent you from seeing the #crater.

☀️ ☁️

My little advices 👍🏻 :

+The website of the Universidad Nacional broadcasts thanks to a webcam the live weather above the crater. You can find it by clicking on this link

Once on site :

The access to the volcano is quick, after having discovered a small film of presentation of this last tracing its history you will leave by group of 50 maximum direction the #Mirador of the crater. You will be there in barely 15 minutes of flat walking. From there you can just admire the #spectacle that is offered to you!

For security reasons, you will only have access to the @viewpoint for 20 minutes, which may be frustrating, but you will be lucky enough to be few in number, ideal for a dream shot far from mass tourism ! You will surely fall under the spell of this #volcano as I did...

PS 🤫: The highest viewpoint is for me the most impressive, now you have to go there to judge !

"I'll let you discover some pictures taken during our visit".

Did you know that?

Before the POAS became a national park (1955), the "ticos" (local inhabitants), used to go to the crater to collect the acidic water and use it for medicinal purposes (to burn warts, to relieve muscular pains)... Fascinating, isn't it ?


I think I've told you everything ! It's up to you to discover this #wonderland with your own eyes thanks to my little tips! In the meantime I invite you to discover my video dedicated to the #volcanPoas and the #PazWaterfall to immerse yourself before your departure!



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