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CREATIVITY BUBBLE (Experience Art Therapy in Costa Rica)

Throughout the year, TACACORI EcoLodge concocts new and original experiences to offer you a restful stay combining well-being and discovery!

Discover today our programme mixing Art-Therapy, inspiration and heritage Used in the field of education and personal development, art therapy makes it possible to evolve through artistic practice

"Every human being is an artist. The dream of life is to create beautiful art."

-Miguel Ángel Ruiz-

As we know, in Buddhism, the circular patterns of mandalas are used as meditation supports. They represent the balance between yin and yang, and express values such as compassion, gentleness, discernment, energy...

Tibetan monks sometimes spend days creating them with coloured sand. They then erase them in a ceremony and scatter the sand as an offering in the river.

Here in Costa Rica, it is in Sarchi, a small typical village located some 30 km northwest of Alajuela, that we propose to follow us in this unusual experience.

This village is considered a decisive centre of Costa Rican arts and crafts, especially in the manufacture of furniture and ox carts for the coffee harvest. The artisans of this village still spend long hours painting traditional designs on the typical wooden carts, perpetuating an ancestral tradition and know-how that gives a special atmosphere to this place.

Un homme peint une roue de charrette typique aux motifs ressemblants à un mandala bouddhique

We will start our inspiration with a visit to an ancient painted cart factory, an ancestral manufacturing process that still works with an old water wheel, and we will discover these magnificent creations that have made Sarchi world famous.


For a long time reserved for children, colouring books for adults have appeared on the market in recent years. This success can be explained by the fact that colouring is easily accessible and does not require technical knowledge.

Mandala colouring is an activity that encourages concentration, and allows you to let go and not think about anything. This is why it is profoundly anti-stress. Some specialists even believe that the effects of colouring could be similar to those of meditation.

Un mandala à colorier et en fonds les motifs similaires d'une charrette peinte de Sarchi au Costa Rica


Botanical gardens have always had a very calming effect on us, and the one I'm about to show you is absolutely magnificent and provides an enchanting, fascinating environment!

Jardin avec un petit lac et un kiosque d'inspiration zen

Un labyrinthe végétal avec un jet d'eau central offre une ambiance verte, inspirante et calme
A powerful place of energy

Une jeune femme de dos se promène dans un jardin tropical, un spirale orne le sol de pierres

A garden, a place of quietness and gentleness and a programme of resourcing, to retreat and isolate oneself for a while from the hustle and bustle of this era, to be taken care of and to lower one's stress level for a long time and, above all, TO TAKE TIME TO THINK ABOUT YOURSELF.

With a blanket to sit on, to rest, to meditate, to plunge into a fascinating reading, to start colouring the first mandala or simply to relax and allow time to stop.

Everything seems to slow down: the sun shimmers between the leaves of the trees, the birds sing and the wind blows through the hair. The eyes wander over the green grass and the pretty tropical plants. These are ideal conditions for disconnecting.

Un massif de fleurs dans des camaïeux rose, parme, violet contraste avec la végétation tropicale

No artistic talent or physical condition required so come as you are and enjoy!

Fleur tropicale rose et légère comme un plumet
Une femme assise devant une fresque représentant une charrette peinte de Sarchi (Costa Rica)

... I hope to see you soon for other beautiful WELL-BEING/RESOURCING experiences


Pre-registration, full programme at

or by whatsapp (+506) 8895 2101


Une femme souriante devant un fonds de nature

My opinion on the Creativity Bubble programme.


Edith, Spain

"An extraordinary day on several levels.

First of all on a human level, for the welcome I received, both from the teams on site who showered me with attention on a daily basis, and for the activities. A program of pure relaxation that surprised me, both inspiring and motivating, with a work of colouring a mandala chosen according to my inspiration of the day. Art therapy in this case allowed me to think of nothing in particular and just let myself be carried away by the colouring and the beauty of the place. My mind was on a psychic holiday.

After this colourful day, I felt reborn and re-motivated, I felt relaxed and ready to face the return journey and all that awaited me on my return to work.

Last break was in the superb setting of a good address for a typical meal. Even if I shouldn't need it to fill up my energy, just for the pleasure of ending this day in a nice atmosphere.

I will come back, for sure, there is still so much to discover and I am already looking forward to returning to TACAC0RI Ecolodge and choosing another "relaxation bubble".

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