This is the list of birds we was on grounds at TACACORI Ecolodge...

All the Best  - Christine Mallar

Rufus tailed hummer, Clay colored robin, Hoffman’s woodpecker, Blue/gray tanager, White eared ground sparrow, Red Fronted Parrot, Rufous collared sparro, Crimson fronted parakeets, Yellow throated Euphonia

White vented Euphonia, Baltimore Oriole, House wren, Social Flycatcher, Passerini Tanager, Great Tailed Grackle, Blue Crowned Motmot, Black vultures, Buff throated Saltator, Wilsons warbler, Chestnut sided warbler, American Redstart, Rufous capped warbler, Chachalacas , Brown jay, Blue grosbeak, Rufous naped Wren, Squirrel Cuckoo, Yellow Throated Vireo...

Photo Gallery  : Birdwatching in Costa Rica


Lovers of birds, aficionados of ornithology, Costa Rica waits only for you!

With almost 850 species of birds; more than the United States and Canada combined, concentrated in a territory
50,000 square kilometres, bird fans flock here.
The diversity of habitats (rainforests, cloud and dry forests, beaches, rivers, mangroves) contributes to the observation of this impressive number of species.
Each ecosystem has its own species of birds. In times of emigration, the North American birdwatchers find specimens they know well at home.

We have elaborated a tour with care and selected different accommodations, in renowned areas (Central Valley, Cordillera, Central Pacific); from where you can fully devote yourself to your passion.

In addition, the exemplary system of protected areas and national parks will provide opportunities and invitations to discover even more species.