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Discover the cultural and natural wonders of Costa Rica on a full day with friends or family, without the hassle of being around other travelers.

Visite du volcan Poas, le plus actif et le plus visité du Costa Rica

POAS Volcan

The main attraction from TACACORI EcoLodge, Poás volcano is the most visited and most accessible of Costa Rica's volcanoes. A beautiful scenic drive passes coffee fields, horticultural gardens and pastures to the summit. From the car park, a path leads in 15 minutes to one of the largest active craters in the world.

Duration: 2 hours

Departure: between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m.

The price includes: Online reservation, return transfer and entry to POAS
Non-cancellable excursion

$60 per person
(2 people minimum)
Extra pers + $20

Visite de la plantation de café de Doca Tour

Coffee Tour Doka


This guided tour takes place in the Doka estate, pioneers of coffee production for over 70 years, and will allow you to learn all about the production, harvesting, processing plant and roasting of the coffee bean in Costa Rica. Rica. The Café Doka tour has been awarded level 4 of Fair Tourism Certification.

Duration: 2 hours

Departure: 9 a.m., 10 a.m., 11, 1:30 p.m., 2:30 p.m., 3:30 p.m.

The price includes: Private transfer, tour in English or Spanish.

The price does not include: The price of entry ($28 for adults and $14 for children) $15 for a meal on site per person

$25 per person
(2 people minimum)

Découverte de la plantation de café de l'Hacienda Starbucks Coffee Tour et dégustation de café

Coffee Tour ALSACIA 


This ALSACIA STARBUCKS farm allows visitors to be informed of the environmental approach of this large global group, its product research policy, its quality approach, and to explain the entire coffee manufacturing process. At the end of the visit, you can enjoy a coffee in front of a soothing waterfall.

Duration: 2 hours

Departure: from 8 a.m.

The price includes: Private transfer

The price does not include: The $30 entrance ticket for adults

$30 per person
(2 people minimum)

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National Park CARARA + Safari Crocodiles


Short stop at the famous "crocodile bridge" to admire these enormous creatures before a guided hike in one of the most diverse natural parks in Costa Rica where you can admire many birds and animals. Breakfast from the bag and departure for the incredible Crocodile Tour during which you will explore the Tarcoles River, guided by a professional bilingual guide navigating in comfortable and safe boats.

Duration: approximately 8 hours

Departure from 7 a.m.

The price includes: Transport – Trilingual guide (French/English/Spanish) – Boat tour and entry to Carara –

$175 per person (2 people minimum))


La PAZ  Waterfall Gardens

More than 3.5 kilometers of hiking trails allowing you to observe local flora and fauna lead to five magnificent waterfalls. This park also includes a butterfly garden, a hummingbird observatory, a serpentarium, a frog greenhouse, felines, a traditional “Tica” house, a trout pond and a small orchid garden.

Duration: 6 hours

Departure: from 8 a.m.

The price includes: Return transfer

The price does not include: Entrance to the park ($56.50 for adults and $39 for children +$16 to access the buffet)

$70 per person
(2 people minimum)

Visite du marché fermier d'Alajuela

Farmer's Market   of ALAJUELA

Accompany me

Friday from 1:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. or

Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

to choose fruits for TACACORI breakfasts and stroll through the large weekly farmers' market in Alajuela.
Here, few tourists, this is the real Costa Rica, the weekly meeting place for families, where the smiling sellers will surely invite you to taste their production.

Duration: 2/3 hours

Departure: Depending on the day

The price includes: Private transfer

$20 per person
(2 people minimum)

Visite du volcan Poas un des plus grands et des plus actifs au monde



We will leave in the morning towards POAS. The Volcano is active, with occasional strong eruptions of gas and ash. Of course take into account that your observation will depend on the natural climatic conditions of the region. On the way back, stop at a spectacular 240-hectare coffee finca that has become the headquarters of Starbucks agronomy. You can choose to follow a guided tour or simply enjoy a little coffee in front of a pretty waterfall.

Duration: approximately 4 hours

Departure: from 8 a.m.

The price includes: Private transfer, online Poas booking and POAS entrance tickets

The price does not include: The optional Alsacia Starbucks coffee tour.

$70 per person
(2 people minimum)


ARK botanical Garden + tasting lunch

Guided walk through thematic terraces: medical and culinary plants, tropical fruits and vegetables, essential oils, natural dyes.... then a Sacred Garden, two orchirds and an ornamental garden of tropical flowers, to finish with a Zen relaxation path ..
At the end of the visit, lunch will await you in the "Arche Restaurant",
where a 5-course tasting menu is prepared by the chef with ingredients
obtained in the early morning from the garden.

Duration: approximately 5 hours

Departure from 9 a.m.

The price includes: Transport – Trilingual guide (French/English/Spanish) – Gourmet menu

$150 per person (2 people minimum)

Visite de l'exposition de grenouille à La Paz Watefall Gardens



This combination is an excellent way to discover a real concentrate of Costa Rica in one go.

Duration: 7 hours

Departure: from 8 a.m.

The price includes: Online booking of the POAS, return transfer, entry to the Poas

The price does not include: Entrance to La Paz Waterfall Gardens ($56.50 for adults and $39 for children) and buffet ($16 per person)

$80 per person
(2 people minimum)

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Nature Immersion, the Laguna de Hule (Rubber Lagoon) is part of the Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre “Bosque Alegre”
There are 3 lagoons: Hule, Congo and Bosque Alegre.

Duration: approximately 8 hours (trekking of 2 to 4 hours depending on the option)

Departure: Tour at 8 a.m.

The price includes: Private return transfer, typical meal, forest trek and/or canoeing

$125 per person
(2 people minimum)

Visite des ateliers d'artisans de Sarchi et la réalisation de charettes traditionnelles

Sarchi, with its 5,000 inhabitants, is the most famous village for its crafts in all of Costa Rica. There are more than 200 craft workshops where they mainly produce the hand-painted oxcart with bright, joyful colors, one of the symbols of Costa Rica, and also wooden furniture and souvenirs it will be certainly hard to leave without a little souvenir... Relaxing walk in the huge Else Kintzler Garden, 7 hectares of tropical plants, picnic possible or typical restaurant in Sarchi.

Duration: 6 hours

Departure from 9 a.m.

The price includes: Private transportation - Lunch - free time for shopping

The price does not include: lunch

$125 per person
(2 people minimum)


Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center 

The Mission of the Wildlife Refuge is to rehabilitate, release and enable the reproduction of wild species for the conservation of Costa Rican wildlife. The park has many animals that have been rescued and which for various reasons cannot be reintroduced into their natural environment. The ZooAve Animal Refuge covers 14 hectares, with trails accessible to all for a pleasant outing just 20 minutes from TACACORI EcoLodge.

Duration: approximately 3 hours

Departure from 9 a.m.

The price includes: Return transport and entry

$75 per person (2 people minimum)

A customizable adventure!

We organize the best way to organize a day according to our experience of 15 years on site, but remain open to personalizing the itinerary according to your preferences. Whether you want to watch birds, relax on spectacular beaches or explore the wonders of nature or Urban Art, we will be there to guide you and ensure unforgettable experiences.

Like our visitors, treat yourself to a unique and personalized travel experience, and prepare to experience memorable moments in an exceptional setting.

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