• Nadine TACACORI


Our experience in the country has enabled us to identify some of the conditions and ingredients for organizing short, original and restorative retreats : So in our programme we couldn't miss the Ocean Therapy

The Ocean Therapy retreat includes a wellness stay at Tacacori Ecolodge with a marine break to enjoy the benefits of the ocean and learn to take care of yourself through a reconnection to nature, physical activity, nutrition, meditation…

So I suggest you grab sunscreen, towels, sunglasses and put on your swimming suit, the seaside is waiting for you! Today's menu is lazing on a beautiful Pacific beach

Sea water, seaweed, sand ... the ocean is full of benefits for our health, both physical and mental. These benefits were already known and used by the Greeks and Egyptians.

Une jolie plage déserte sur la côte pacifique au Costa Rica

une silhouette de femme se détache du fonds marin elle fait ses étirements

Our day's outing will take us to a superb sandy beach, to enjoy the sea breeze and the turquoise water...

A big bowl of sea air to decompress, we couldn't find a better word to describe the feeling that invades us: happiness!

Goodbye pale skins and drawn features, you can lay your towel on the sand and get a tan, read, dream, swim, run on the beach, collect shells, meditate, do your yoga stretches in front of the sea...

In short, free time!!!