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Our experience in the country has enabled us to identify some of the conditions and ingredients for organizing short, original and restorative retreats : So in our programme we couldn't miss the Ocean Therapy

The Ocean Therapy retreat includes a wellness stay at Tacacori Ecolodge with a marine break to enjoy the benefits of the ocean and learn to take care of yourself through a reconnection to nature, physical activity, nutrition, meditation…

So I suggest you grab sunscreen, towels, sunglasses and put on your swimming suit, the seaside is waiting for you! Today's menu is lazing on a beautiful Pacific beach

Sea water, seaweed, sand ... the ocean is full of benefits for our health, both physical and mental. These benefits were already known and used by the Greeks and Egyptians.

Une jolie plage déserte sur la côte pacifique au Costa Rica

une silhouette de femme se détache du fonds marin elle fait ses étirements

Our day's outing will take us to a superb sandy beach, to enjoy the sea breeze and the turquoise water...

A big bowl of sea air to decompress, we couldn't find a better word to describe the feeling that invades us: happiness!

Goodbye pale skins and drawn features, you can lay your towel on the sand and get a tan, read, dream, swim, run on the beach, collect shells, meditate, do your yoga stretches in front of the sea...

In short, free time!!!

General physical regeneration on the programme

The ocean offers countless opportunities to be active and improve your physical condition. Do some cardio while running along the beach, play with the waves, surf, activate your muscles on a board, and end your day with a peaceful swim at sunset, the possibilities are endless.


A boost of vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential element of nervous system health and insulin regulation.

Cleaner air, better oxygenation of the body

People who live near the sea may tell you that there is simply something different in the air around the coast, and they are partly right. In reality, there is generally less in the air... and less pollution in particular. It turns out that the ocean (like the forest) acts as a natural filter, like a green lung! So the air is cleaner and fresher... the salt water clears the sinuses too.

A natural remedy for the skin

Doctors recommend seawater bathing to reduce inflammation and irritation such as psoriasis, eczema... but beware of sunburn!

Easier meditation, calmer mind

If your guided meditation app can keep up with you, now is the time to try a meditation session on the beach. Research has shown that there are many reasons why the beach can help you get into a beneficial meditative state, from its blue colour to the relaxing sound of the waves...

Un pique-nique est dressé sur la plage au milieu des palmiers avec des spécialités naturelles tropicales

Get your energy back with healthy, tasty meals cooked with local products.

And after all, there's nothing better than a picnic to discover new flavours: fish ceviches, salads, exotic fruits,... fresh products in a wonderful setting. No stress, we take care of EVERYTHING!

coucher de soleil à la plage, des cheveaux se suivent en file indienne, sur leur dos des touristes profitent de la promenade

Nature for inspiration...

our programmes designed for your well-being

A place and a programme of rejuvenation, to retreat and isolate oneself for a while from the noise of this era, to be taken care of and to lower one's stress level for a long time, and above all TO TAKE TIME TO THINK ABOUT YOURSELF.

Did you know that simply observing nature can have a profound impact on your well-being? But Costa Rica has much more to offer than clean air and a change of scenery. The surrounding nature provides everything we need to grow, cure and prosper.

During this week-long retreat, seminar or disconnect (call it what you will), I will share with you my favourite ways to combine the outdoors and the soul.


Une femme sur un bateau avec son petit chien

... I say to you: see you soon for other beautiful experiences of wellness


Pre-registration, full programme at

or by whatsapp (+506) 8895 2101

Une femme et son enfant se promène sur la plage accompagnée d'une autre personne plus âgée.

My opinion on my Ocean Therapy stay, TACACORI ECOLODGE, November 2021

Aude-Reine, Switzerland

"I had the pleasure of discovering the TACACORI ECOLODGE stay in preview. I was in total burn-out, my psychologist told me about Nadine and her EcoLodge in Costa Rica. A few days before the trip, I knew I was in good hands, Nadine sent us an email with the complete program and all the indications to pack our suitcase. The programme included the forest, the sea, workshops and time for myself, no worries about organizing my stay.

Once we arrived, everything fell into place and a great energy was created. Nadine is waiting for us at the airport and is incredibly sincere and really committed. She is there to share her experiences and her way of life, and it is very reassuring and instructive. This stay at l'Océan was a bit inspired by us after all ;o)

I was looking forward to resting, living at the "PURA VIDA" rhythm, but I was also a little afraid to make the trip with my son and my mother, to have to organize something for them. In the end, I fell in love with this trip. Everything went so well, I let myself be carried along and I enjoyed every moment. It is a stay from which one returns a little changed, calmed and which has beautiful repercussions on oneself and on the others".

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