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Jeune fille de dos en position yoga devant une cascade

Our Programs 



 These accompanied healing experiences in contact with Nature in Costa Rica  are new, often unexpected and sometimes unusual. They are offered thanks to our constant curiosity and our willingness to experiment.
Jeune femme dans la nature

Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica, a country of relaxation with its climate and its citizens ready to do anything to help you, is THE destination that will help you decompress and refocus on yourself!

Dense vegetation, unspoiled nature, in the land of "Pura Vida" you will have the opportunity to recharge your batteries in our little corner of paradise in the middle of tropical vegetation, having for only awakening the singing of birds!

More than half of Costa Rica is covered in forests in which you can hike or simply stroll. Spending time in the forest has been shown to reduce stress thanks to molecules emitted by trees.

Costa Rica offers magnificent landscapes that will please your eyes, between waterfalls, volcanoes or even dream beaches .

The atmosphere is relaxing there, however if you want to get back in shape and be pampered , you will find below programs of gentle activities in the heart of nature, such as immersive hikes, canyoning, breathtaking landscapes, cultural and artistic discoveries. . ..

Because our desire is not to offer you only to be an intimate and emotional hospitality where to sleep for a night. We want TACACORI ECOLODGE to allow you to combine the themes of ecology and transition with the notion of pleasure.

Pleasure to be in nature, to walk, to eat healthy, to find oneself in chosen places and above all to exchange, to learn, to apprehend with a new eye the relationship of Man to Nature. 

Fille nature

Experience the pleasure

- Soft activities in the middle of nature

- Immersive hikes
- Cultural discoveries
- Yoga, meditation, massage
- Accompaniment in French

- All inclusive stay

4 Immersive Experiences:

Items included in each program

Aquarelle Oiseau

- Central location which makes it easy to reach from one tourist site to another.

- Close to hospitals, clinics, shopping centers,
- Quiet, Independent
- Pleasant climate (between 20 and 30 ° all year round)
- Free parking (1 space)
- Secure access, video surveillance.

Cercles abstraits
art du costa rica

creativity bubble

Let your creativity speak 

2 day program - full board


To your pencils! with this  program based on Art therapy. Cultivate visual concentration, let go and let yourself be won over by the typical and captivating patterns of the village of Sarchi.

Let your creativity speak with the mandalas, the ultimate tool for meditation and concentration in the enchanting setting of a magnificent tropical garden. Reveal your colors directly inspired by a day linked to beauty,  both flowery  and soothing.

This program will be a real Zen window.



Price according to availability except very high season, from:
$ '400 for 1
$650 for 2 people sharing a double room
$800 for 3 people
  sharing a triple room

Cercles abstraits
assiette santé nature

Botanical Gastronomy

Health through plants and healthy eating

2 day program - full board

In this program we make you discover the benefits of Nature on our environment, to improve our well-being and take care of our health Naturally .
A relaxing two-hour walk to discover all the stories of plants, their medicinal and culinary virtues, discover plants with essential oils, learn about tropical flowers, the secrets of natural dyes. Gastronomic tasting menu of 5 dishes concocted by the Chef who will introduce you to the concept "from the vegetable garden to your plate for the pleasure of the senses"

Price according to availability except very high season, from:
$ '400 for 1 person          
$550 for 2  people sharing a double room
$650 for 3 people  sharing a triple room

Option  extra day  : "

Accommodation, meals, discovery activities from 2 people:
+$ 400 /2 people
  ; $495 for 3 people

Cercles abstraits

Ocean Therapy 

The benefits of the ocean

2 day program - full board

A well-being getaway by the ocean to enjoy the benefits of the sea and learn to take care of yourself through reconnection with nature.

Magnesium-rich seawater can also relax your muscles, reduce stress, and help induce sleep. Magnesium depresses nerves to relieve nervous irritability for an increased sense of calm.

Price according to availability except very high season, from:

$ '525 for 1 person          

$750 for 2  people sharing a double room

$850 for 3 people  sharing a triple room

Cercles abstraits
la forêt tropicale

forest bath

The beneficial power of trees 

2 day program - full board

If contact with trees does us so much good, it is already, simply, because of the dominant green of the forest, a color known in chromotherapy to "appease the emotions".
A unique forest odyssey  in the majestic setting of an ancient volcano transformed into a lagoon, which offers a form of gentle therapy, through the forest ( sylvotherapy ) a very popular practice in Japan. This forest medicine invites you to get closer to Nature, to its harmony, in order to reconnect with our innate ability to heal. The art of forest bathing is to connect with trees, plants, to embrace nature through our senses. Are you ready now to go kayaking to explore the laguna.

Price according to availability except very high season, from:

$ 500for 1 person          

$ 600 for 2  people sharing a double room

$ 700 for 3 people  sharing a triple room

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