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HAPPY HOURS : Cocktails/Sangria à 8$

Available at reception during opening hours.

The lodge's terrace, in front of the reception, is open all day in high season (Nov - April). We will be happy to offer you hot or cold drinks during reception hours.
Reception closes at 6:30 PM.


  • Bottle of water (500 ml): $2/1000 CRC

  • Tropical Chilled Tea: $2/1000 CRC

  • Coca Cola : $2/1000 CRC

  • Lemon Fresco :$2/1000 CRC

  • Fanta Orange:$2/1000 CRC


  • Fruit smoothies (mango, strawberry, orange, guanabana, green detox): $4

  • Imperial beer: $4/2000 CRC

  • White wine by the glass (Sauvignon blanc): $7/3700 CRC

  • Red wine by the glass (Cabernet Sauvignon): $7 /3700 CRC

  • Wine Bottle:: $20/10,000 CRC


  • Sangria $10/5,000 CRC (seasonal fruits and red wine)

  • Pina Colada $10/5,000 CRC (Rum, coconut milk, pineapple nectar)

  • Cosmopolitan $10/5,000 CRC (Votka, strawberry nectar, lemon juice)

  • Mango Planter $10/5,000 CRC (Rum, mango nectar, orange juice)

Bouteille de Casillero del Diablo
bière impérial du costa rica
Shakes fruits
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